Landjuweel The Game is a serious game in which you get to know the guild tradition and their games. The player needs to search for information about the guild. Answering questions right will unlock mini games were the player can set a high score.

Developer: HARRRRRDER Entertainment
Engine: GameStudio A6
Year: 2008
Platforms: PC

Additional Information: Landjuweel The Game is made by a group of 10 students in 14 days for a guild party who organize their yearly partys in Oisterwijk in order of the International Game Architecture and Design study.
Download: SetupLandjuweelTheGame.exe (Note: The game language is Dutch)

Function: Quality Assurance Lead / Asset Artist
Responsibilities: Leading a small QA group for bugtesting, create asset models

Software Experience: - Maya
- Photoshop
- Mantis